Friday, October 4, 2013

Work, work, work señora

Sorry but I couldn't help but put in a Beetlejuice reference there ...

Today marks the last week day that I'll be home alone with you before returning to work. I took the full 12 weeks of maternity leave that I was allowed, and since you didn't show up for a week after I started to leave I've been with you almost constantly for 11 weeks. The longest that we have been apart so far was when I went to get a massage- I believe I was gone maybe 2 1/2 hours.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in which I think I'll be gone for three hours or so.

Going back to work is going to be hard but at least it's only for short time. I have to go back for at least one month for them to cover my benefits but after that I will be leaving and staying at home with you.  During that month my mom  ( your mom mom ) and your dad will be watching you.

But once I am home I will be working part-time for a friend of ours , just doing some general bookkeeping. it will pay just enough to cover our health insurance (you're under my coverage) and for my car payment. The rest of the bills will be covered by our savings, or your father will take over them, or they will just be charged.  It's a sacrifice that both your father and I have agreed upon so that I can be home with you, as opposed to you staying in a daycare all day. 

Fiscally it will be tough but I'm so happy you'll be raised by us and not by strangers at the daycare. I'll miss being able to take your father out to lunch, buying him little gifts , or even just grocery shopping without charging it would be nice. Perhaps after a few months and we get a routine, and then figure out how many hours a week this bookkeeping job will take me, perhaps I'll pick up one or two nights a week at Kohl's or some store to have some extra money.

My career will probably be shot in the long run, but you're worth it. 

But man oh man will this be a looong month.

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