Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Birth Story - Part 1

So this may take a while to write out, since your labor was QUITE long (36 hours).  But here it goes...

We had an appointment the morning of Friday July 19th at 8 AM for a B.P.P. test.  It was one day after your due date, and the doctor suggested running this test just to make sure everything was okay with the baby.  BPP is a BioPhysical Profile test that checks 5 categories and each category you can score 2 points.  If you score 9 or 10, the baby is fine.  Go home.  If you score 7 or 8, they would have you come back the next day to check on things (depending on what you lost points in).  5 - 6, they would keep you there and induce.  Anything lower is an immediate emergency c-section.  The 5 categories are:

  • Nonstress test (monitors heart rate)
  • Breathing movement
  • Body movement
  • Muscle tone (seeing baby flex or extend)
  • Amniotic fluid volume
We arrived at Mercy for our appointment at 8, fully knowing that we could be held there to have a baby - but we just assumed everything was fine and we'd be sent home.  Everything throughout the entire pregnancy was going great - why would there be an issue now?  I forgot the Dr's RX to get the test done, and they didn't open for another few hours, but they were able to call the Dr on staff and get permission to administrator my test knowing I was past my due date.

We went back to the exam room where they hooked me up for the nonstress test and started the ultra sound for the remaining 4 categories.  Within a minute, the tech saw breathing movement, body movement, and muscle tone.  Passed those 3 with flying colors.  But she wasn't finding any good "pockets" of amniotic fluid...  They had a goal of 5 cm of fluid, minimum of 3 cm, but weren't even finding one of that size.  She said "let me go advise the doctor on staff, but you're most likely going to be induced today."  Your father and I looked at each other, and I started to cry.  I wanted to have that moment of "I think it's time honey! Get in the car!" with the rush to the hospital.  I wanted my body to start the labor process on it's own like it should.  I worried that it was something I did to make the fluid low and that it in any way shape or form hurt you. I wouldn't be getting the all natural experience I wanted.  I texted my mom to let her know that we were being induced.  Your father called his work to let them know he wouldn't be in.  Today was to be the day you were born (or so we thought...)

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