Thursday, October 10, 2013


This past weekend I got my haircut for the first time in almost a year. I was too afraid while pregnant with you to get my haircut due to all the chemicals in the air at salons.  The haircut was a big change for me as I went with bangs, which I haven't had since middle school.  
And the end result:
Mind you, this "end result" was after hours of you pulling on it and spitting up on it. 

I've had my hair long for very long time...  back when I was young perhaps eight or nine I used to have a bowl cut and I hated it! it was so short and I think it traumatized me. I haven't been able to have my hair above my shoulders since.

Which I don't think you mind. you seem to enjoy pulling on my hair and grabbing it frequently.  It seems to be a source of comfort for you. sometimes when my hair is out of your reach, you'll reach back and grab your own hair.

You have a lot of hair. you were born with a lot of hair, and I'm surprised it hasn't fallen out yet.  As of now (and your 11 weeks old) it's about 2 inches long & straight Brown. It seems to be getting lighter as you get older, and when it's wet it's very curly. 

While I was in labor and you were crowning, the doctor exclaimed "wow, that's a lot of hair!" she turned to your father and asked "do you want me to braid it while we wait?" your father being the jokester that he is stated "I don't think we have time for that ... but how about a mohawk?" so she gave you a Mohawk while you were crowning :)

Well I think you have fallen asleep, so I'm going to close. 


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