Monday, October 29, 2012

Will I be able to do this?

I visited one of my girlfriends yesterday, who has three daughters.  All under the age of 4, with the youngest being 2 months old.  Obviously I've seen babies before, and I've held babies before, but it usually feels so awkward.  I think I know the proper way to hold a child, but it's just still so foreign to me.  I'm an only child, so I never had any younger siblings to help raise and get used to having a baby around, and with that I also do not have any nieces or nephews.  I wasn't too close to my younger cousins to be around them when they were babies and I never was a baby sitter.  I really have not had the opportunity to be around many babies in my time... will I know what to do?  Will it be less awkward?  I fear this more than childbirth...  not knowing what the hell to do.  I'm just praying that it's an instinct that kicks in and your brain goes into auto-drive.

And seriously, who can understand a 3 year old's ramblings??!?  I just stare at them blankly thinking "am I seriously supposed to understand what you just said?  is that even English?  have your parents been teaching you another language?  I bet that's it... a special alien language that no one is supposed to be able to understand.."  But I typically just lightly smile and say "... whaat?"

This is synopsis of one of our conversations yesterday:

child: "MUSTACHE!"
me: ".... who has a mustache?"
child: "_sister's name_!"
me: "your sister has a mustache?"
child: "APPLE!"
me: okay there are apples in front of you.... "do you want an apple?"
child: "CAT!!"
me: I have no fucking clue where this is going... ".... whaat?"
child: ::grins::
child's father: "rearrange the words for what she's trying to say."
me: does this child feed an apple to a cat, and celebrate by drawing a mustache on her sister? "......."
child's father: "Her and her sister have a cat and his name is mustache"
me: "Ohhhh..." where the hell does the apple come into play... 

I think I need to read more books... or take a course... I need... more... planning!

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