Friday, October 26, 2012

Pregnancy Test

Never in my life have I purchased a pregnancy test.  I have been fortunate enough to never have had a "scare" in the past that would warrant buying one.  I also have never went with someone for them to purchase a pregnancy test - the whole process was somewhat foreign.

But I, being of crazy and anxious mind, purchased a pregnancy test yesterday.


Of course, I did my research ahead of time on the different brands, how to read them, how they work.  And I purchased a 2 pack of First Response pregnancy tests from Target.  The kind that is supposed to tell you up to "6 days before your missed period".

It's surreal to think that I made this purchase.  I very well could be pregnant right now and not know it.  I hope that I am.

We're getting ready to leave for a week long vacation in which I initially thought that my period would start the day or day after we got back.  Well after counting how long my cycle was last month, my period, if it comes, should start right smack in the middle / beginning of the trip.  So I feasibly could go on this trip, and find out that I'm pregnant. (!!)




Still trying to get over that I bought a pregnancy test.

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