Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wowzers... Skipped a few months

Oh my, where to begin... First off - know that I am horrible at keeping up a blog.  I've tried before and have failed, and it seems that this blog is getting just as neglected as my past ones.  The only time I have to truly work on a blog is at work, and I've been so busy here lately that I haven't had a chance to post (obviously - hence my 3.5 month absence).  I would update at home, but I feel that I get such little home time - that whenever I'm there I want to spend time with your the hubby.  But regardless, lot's to update...

First off - YOU'RE A GIRL!  We were very surprised and excited to hear this news.  We both truly thought you were a boy for some reason, but are overjoyed to hear that you tricked us and are actually a girl!  We threw a gender reveal party with a large group of family and friends (your great-grandparents skyped in, and aunt/great-cousin Laura facetimed in).  We cut into the cake, and when pulling the knife out the first time - nothing.  Did the 2nd cut, pulled the knife out - I saw a little bit of pink and amazed!  Knowing your gender has truly made the experience all the more real.

I started to feel you move the week before valentines day, and I felt your first KICK on valentines day.  I was sitting at my desk at work and felt this jab that made me jump.  I had to stop and think "what the heck was that?!?!".  But you haven't stopped moving since - and you're VERY active now (24 weeks - 25 as of tomorrow).

It was frustrating for a while because I could feel you moving up a storm for the longest time, and I'd grab your daddy's hand and put it where you were kicking.  He'd either not feel your movements, or you would stop all together.  It was so aggravating - I wanted him to experience this too!  But one night we were laying in bed, and he put his hand on my stomach, and WHAM you hit him.  He looked up at me with the biggest eyes and mouth agape and asked "was that her?!?!".  I assured him that was you, and now he thinks he's an expert because he stated "that felt more like a punch rather than a kick..." such a wise guy...  He only felt you once that night, but about a week or two later you kicked him good like 10 times in a row, and he just couldn't believe it.  He woke up one morning and put his hand on my belly very briefly just saying "good morning baby", and you kicked him almost instantly as if you were responding.

Your grandma and I have been working on the details for a baby shower, while your daddy and I have been working on a registry - picking out all your "first" things.  Very exciting and intimidating.

We've started taking a birthing class called "the bradley method" - which is focused on all natural childbirth without any medications or drugs.  We've been enjoying it so far, mostly to be around other pregnant couples going through the same things we are.

I'm trying to coordinate a job where I can work from home full time and be with you, so that you don't have to go to daycare.  But it's proving hard.  I thought my current company would be gung-ho, after I created a formal proposal on the idea - showing such "ambition and thought", but they somewhat have brushed it off stating that 'now is not a good time'.  So I'm giving them another few weeks, and then I'll be looking for other options - even just a medical billing or data entry position.  Just something that will keep me at a similar financial situation as to where I am now, but allow me to be at home with you.

I'm going to close for now, as I must finish up a few things before leaving work for the day.  But we're very excited to meet you, to see you, to get to know you - you have no idea...


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