Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st Pregnancy Annoyance

I've read multiple articles and message boards about the annoying and sometimes rude things people say to you while you're pregnant.  How to respond, how to handle these messages, and what to anticipate that they'll say in the first place.  Well, being only 13 weeks pregnant, I haven't had too much of the opportunity to discuss said pregnancy with people, and therefore haven't given them the chance to say something that rubs me the wrong way.

Until today.

Back track - we went last night to a viewing for a very close friend of the family who had passed away.  It was one of the first times we (hubby & I) openly discussed the pregnancy with those around us.  Even complete strangers.  Today was the funeral, and at the wake thereafter, I was told twice:

"That baby is going to be so spoiled."

Why does this bother me so?  I mean, it probably is true.  This being our first child, and we want to be able to give him/her everything.  This will also be the first grandchild for all the grandparents, and in some instances the first great grand child.  All the cards line up to say that yes, this child may be spoiled.  But it irks me to hear someone say it to me.  Two different people at that.

Am I just being hormonal?  Perhaps.

Is it slightly inappropriate to presume and say to a pregnant woman?  Perhaps.

Regardless, yes - you probably will be spoiled baby Milam.  But I just don't want people to say so.

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