Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We started introducing solid food to you when you were 5 1/2 months old.  Your very first food was avocado which you ate reluctantly and gave a lot of faces too but I think it was just because of the texture and being something new. 

(you eating avocado I think you wore more than you ate - who knew that bibs were thing?)

 Since then you've tried numerous foods - most of which you've loved.

I've been making all of your food at home, which makes me feel better as I can examine the quality of the food before cooking it, as well as truly know what is going into your mouth.  So far, you've had:

butternut squash 
Sweet potato 
green beans 

The only food that you have hated and refused to eat no matter what I tried to mix with it was green beans. 

But bananas ?? you love bananas... You were iffy on plums- but add in banana? Awesome.  Give me more.  Bananas by themself? Awesome.  Bananas mixed with anything? Awesome. I'd give you bananas daily if they didn't constipate you ... Hence why we've introduced the plums to flush you out.  Seems to be working thus far. 

This mornings breakfast :
You have the prettiest eyes...

Bon appetite ! 

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